Loqqat Ride
22 Feb 2024

Office Commute Made Easy!

Loqqat Ride is a ridership application that provides a hassle-free travel experience for employees. Through our software, employees can reserve their seats well in advance and travel comfortably to their work destination making Loqqat Ride an efficient companion for every employee.


Prime Parking, USA, Washington implements Loqqat Ride for its employee shuttle services

Prime Parking Systems is a parking and transportation service provider with over 20 years of experience in delivering premium custom solutions to enhance the daily operations of both large and small facilities. They provide highly efficient and secure solutions to optimise the functioning of parking facilities. Over the years, Prime Parking has created a competitive edge for itself by being at the forefront of innovation when it comes to providing quality solutions for its customers.

Now, Prime Parking offers a shuttle service for its employees, spanning a number of routes and stops across a large geographical area. Managing this huge network of employee shuttle services was proving to be an arduous task for our client. They were still relying on manually operating their shuttle service, which led to frequent problems due to the mismanagement of their daily operations. The ridership numbers of each vehicle were also not properly accounted for, leading to some of the cabs being overcrowded and others being empty. Moreover, the routes on which these cabs ran were not designed in an optimal manner. All this led to a huge wastage of resources and fuel and made the shuttle service a highly expensive affair for the company. They were already reeling under huge financial losses because of the pandemic, and this particular situation exacerbated their condition. It was necessary to rectify this problem and make amends; otherwise, it would have had a far worse impact.


Loqqat Ride was the perfect solution for streamlining their employee shuttle service. It is a state-of-the-art software tool that allows organisations to manage and optimise their shuttle service in an efficient and economical manner. This platform enables them to track and monitor their fleet in order to scale down or scale up their fleet according to the actual requirements. This prevents unnecessary wastage of money and resources. Loqqat Ride also provides them with the ability to design optimal routes manually. All this is made possible with the help of an intuitive dashboard that holds within itself an array of advanced and useful features that make it much easier for organisations to operate their shuttle service.


Loqqat Ride proved to be an intelligent shuttle management tool for Prime Parking Systems. They were able to make significant strides in leveling up their shuttle service. With precise data on the ridership numbers, it was a child’s play to optimise the whole fleet and assign only the required cabs for daily trips. This cut down on fuel costs dramatically and resulted in huge amounts of money being saved daily. With a feature-rich web interface, transport admins were also equipped with the option to create routes that are most optimal for their shuttle service. The trips on these routes were then automatically generated and assigned to vehicles in a pre-defined time window. This level of automation enhanced Prime Parking’s employee shuttle services and made them a much more profitable endeavour.

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