Real-Time Bus Tracking: Enhancing Parent and School Communication
29 Feb 2024

Real-Time Bus Tracking: Enhancing Parent and School Communication

Tracking school buses is an essential service that guarantees the safety and convenience of students and their families. However conventional methods of tracking school buses often fail to provide prompt updates on students’ journeys causing anxiety and frustration, for parents who are eager to know their children’s whereabouts. It also poses challenges for schools trying to manage their school bus fleet efficiently.

In this blog post we will explore how real time school bus tracking can address these challenges and improve communication, between parents and schools.

The Challenges of Traditional School Bus Tracking

Conventional methods of tracking school buses, which rely on phone calls, paper logs or outdated GPS systems frequently lead to communication gaps and a lack of information. This leaves parents concerned, about their child’s location while schools face challenges in managing routes. Such a disconnected approach often causes stress and frustration, for all parties involved.

Real-Time School Bus Tracking Solutions

Real time tracking of school buses is done by a method that utilizes GPS technology and mobile apps to keep tabs, on school buses. This real time tracking system operates by:

Installing GPS devices on school buses: These devices send the school bus location to a central server at regular intervals.

Developing applications for parents and schools: These apps receive the information from the server and present it on a map interface. They also offer functionalities like notifications, alerts, reports, etc.

Facilitating communication between parents and schools: These apps enable parents and schools to interact with each other through messages, calls, feedback, etc.

Loqqat, a trusted name in the industry, offers a cutting-edge school bus tracking software that utilizes the power of GPS and AI to provide parents and schools with precise real-time information of school buses in transit.

Benefits of Real-Time School Bus Tracking

Real time tracking of school buses brings advantages to both parents and schools. For parents it provides a sense of reassurance; having information about the location and estimated arrival time of their child’s school bus enables parents to plan their day accordingly. It also alleviates safety concerns as parents can monitor their child’s journey in real time.

Schools also benefit from real time tracking. By having data on school bus locations and stops of students they can optimize routes, reduce fuel expenses and enhance efficiency. Additionally it promotes trust and transparency between schools and parents strengthening the bond, within the school community.

Features of Loqqat

Loqqat is a school bus software, for managing and tracking school buses in real-time. It offers a solution to meet all your school transportation needs. What sets Loqqat apart from other solutions are its set of advanced features and functionalities including:

1. Live Tracking; With Loqqat you can easily track the location and movement of your school buses on a map interface in real-time. You will have access to driver details, direction, distance, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and more.

2. Notifications: Loqqat provides notifications about the arrival or departure of your school buses at designated stops or locations. 

3.Alerts: Stay informed with alerts from Loqqat regarding any delays, emergencies, deviations, violations or anomalies in the school bus route. You can even customize criteria and thresholds based on your requirements.

4. Reports: Generate reports through Loqqat that offer insights into the performance and quality of your school bus service. Access metrics and indicators such as trip details, tracking information, student attendance records, etc. for each bus or driver.

5. Messaging: Communicate with drivers, schools or parents using Loqqat’s messaging feature. You will be able to send & receive texts and make calls conveniently using Loqqat.

6. Dashboard; Loqqat offers an easy to navigate dashboard that presents all the information and features related to your school buses, in a clear and concise manner.

Enhancing Parent-School Communication

One of the main advantages of real time school bus tracking is that, it improves communication between parents and schools. With the Loqqat platform parents can directly communicate with the school or bus driver to address any concerns or inform them about changes in pickup or drop off locations. This immediate interaction promotes a sense of collaboration, between parents and schools ensuring that everyone is well informed about student transportation.

Unlocking Safer School Bus Commutes

The implementation of real time tracking, for school buses is greatly transforming how parents and schools handle student transportation. Schools where Loqqat was deployed, reported to see a marked improvement in the overall functioning of the school bus system. Also, thanks to Loqqat’s powerful GPS enabled live tracking feature, the difficulties associated with tracking school buses have become a thing of the past in those schools. The advantages are quite evident; parents can have peace of mind and school buses can operate efficiently thus improving communication and trust among all parties involved.

Now, are you prepared to witness the capabilities of an AI and GPS powered school bus tracking software? Get in touch with us today for a free trial and witness first-hand how we can revolutionize your school’s transportation experience. Together we can ensure the safety and well-being of our students while cultivating stronger relationships, between parents and schools. 

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